Letter from the president

Learning Forward, formerly the National Staff Development Council (NSDC), is an international association of learning educators committed to one purpose in K-12 education: Effective teaching and learning every day. The name is noteworthy: learning is first, reminding us that learning is at the heart of our purpose; forward signifies forward action as we address adult learning, policy and advocacy, research and practice in order to ensure quality professional learning that impacts student learning.

The Learning Forward Washington affiliate, is a cross-role educator group – a network where we park our titles at the door. The affiliate supports those who teach, facilitate, support, and research adult professional learning. We support members by bringing content, tools, and high-quality process to the table, using the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning as a foundation of our work. Members and others bring their context to the table so that we might learn with and from each other.


The mission of Learning Forward Washington is to increase student learning through actions that connect and influence state, district and school decision-makers to support powerful professional growth experiences for educators at all levels.


Learning Forward’s vision is excellent teaching and learning every day.


Learning Forward – WA is a growing learning community committed to:

  • Influencing state and local policies that determine professional development plans and processes so that they reflect research-based best practices and result in high levels of student achievement;

  • Continuously seeking out new ways to build capacity among members that help districts document evidence of impact of professional learning on student achievement;

  • Supporting leaders and members through networking and knowledge sharing in order to narrow achievement gaps;

  • Building partnerships with organizations that prepare and support district and school leaders in order to build capacity for instructional leadership; and

  • Building trusting relationships between and among state organizations, districts, and schools, and communicating with non-educator thought leaders in order to deepen and sustain professional learning experiences.

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