Steven Carney, M.A. Ed


Learning Forward Washington

Steven Carney, M.A. Ed / Educational Leadership, is the co-founder of IMPACT Learning and Leading Group.  In addition to his experience in various district and school leadership roles, Steven has a wealth of experience in building and delivering research-based professional development programs and learning support systems in schools and districts throughout the country as well as experience in coaching school / district leadership and teachers across the United States and Canada in research-based leadership and teaching practices. Mr. Carney has designed and delivered hundreds of research-based professional learning events that reinforce the implementation of professional learning communities and the use of effective assessment, grading, and data-driven practices. He was instrumental in designing, opening, and serving as principal of a California 7-12 middle / high school grounded in the research and best practices of assessment, grading, data, and collaboration. With his extensive work in leadership, learning teams, assessment literacy and data-driven decision-making, Mr. Carney’s professional training in effective facilitation, coaching, and professional learning solicits deeper learning and reflection from individuals or groups with whom he works.